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Journey In Little Paradise is my new non-fiction NZ travel E-book, providing everything the reader would need to know about New Zealand. Beautiful images of the different locations, and information every traveller would need to know when exploring little paradise.

Well-known for the snow-capped mountain peaks in Lord of the Rings, New Zealand offers spectators a vast array of unrivalled landscapes, and untainted beauty.

Comprising of two main landmasses – the North Island, and the South Island; New Zealand’s isolated position resulted in being one of the last lands to be habited by humans.

The distinctive Maori culture that sets New Zealand apart, where Middle Earth is but a ‘stones throw’ away. The traveller is surrounded by lands rich in wine, food and magnificent glaciers; and to be able to boast to be one of the best hiking destinations in the world.

Nothing quite compares to what some may casually call ‘a little bit of paradise’.

Come and explore some of the best, and perhaps less known places in New Zealand.


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An article based around The Legend Returns

I’ve been privileged enough to have my article – The Woman behind the Legend appear on this site by activist Kelly Banaski-Sons.
The article details about a sadistic woman who was thought to be the first female serial killer in the 17th century, and features in my second novel – The Legend Returns.
The life in the eyes of Countess Elizabeth Bathory.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory - who was this woman?
Countess Elizabeth Bathory – who was this woman?

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