Friday 1st morning workout

Celebrity trainer, Ingrid Clay brings a strength training workout to your living room – bootcamp style.

Every circuit is performed twice, containing compound exercises, along with a bit of cardio.

First circuit focuses on legs and shoulders. The second circuit is bicep, back and shoulders, and the final circuit focuses on triceps, chest and abs.




Wednesday 23rd morning workout – 30 minute upper body

My Wednesday morning workout focuses on the upper body to build strength and definition.

Each circuit focuses on 1 or 2 muscle groups, with 4 exercises performed in a ladder format – reps increasing by 1 each set, doing as many as you can in 90 seconds, with only a quick 5 second rest in between. With 30 seconds rest in between each exercise.

The first circuit has 4 shoulder exercises, followed by the second circuit for the chest and back, and the final circuit focuses on the biceps and triceps. Finishing off with 2 minutes of compound exercises.