Monday 31st morning workout – full body compound workout

Finish the old year off with a 40 minute cardio and strength training HIIT workout.

45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest. This compound workout focuses on working multiple muscle groups at once.

The strength training circuits have 3 compound exercises, done 3 times each. Followed by a cardio circuit with 3 exercises done 3 times each.



Sunday 30th workout – Vinyasa Yoga

Increase flexibility, relax the mind and body with this 20 minute Vinyasa Flow yoga.

The instructor takes you through the basic moves of yoga in a flow pattern, encouraging breathing through the moves.

Downward facing dog, cobra, twists, Sun salutations and plenty more basic yoga moves to stretch and lengthen the muscles, and focus the mind.



Writer’s Thesaurus – Review, Promote and Read

As I was looking up blogs for reviewers, I stumbled across this site that offers a range of services for authors, a great option if you have a limited budget, but still want a great quality service.

Nance’s Writer’s Thesaurus


“Got writer’s block? Stuck? Need an idea? Try It is jam-packed with indexed and referenced key words.

Besides synonyms, includes examples, descriptions, idioms, phrases, lists, body language, and a boatload of ideas.

This is not your mother’s thesaurus. It is gritty, it is real, and hopefully it will help you reach back into your very fertile imagination and sniff out just the right words. (Nance’s)


Thursday 27th afternoon workout – retro cardio

This 30 minute workout takes you back to the 80s – leotards and all. Inspired by the music video “Finesse” by Bruno Mars and Cardi B.

With energetic aerobic 80s moves, followed by exercises with light hand weights.

Burn the fat, have fun and relive an interesting era for clothes as well as unique workouts.

Grab the girls, blast the music and get ready to crack up laughing with moves like ‘hip thrusters’.