Friday 30th morning workout – cardio and arms HIIT

Strengthen and build definition in your arms in this 30 minute cardio and arm HIIT workout.

A little tip, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even just sitting around.

Another reason to do strength training. These types of workouts are designed for creating and maintaining definition, not bulking up, as they go for higher reps instead of lifting heavy.

45 seconds of work with weights, followed by a cardio move to optimise the fat burn.



Thursday 29th morning workout – cardio dance

Dance away the calories in this 24 minute cardio dance party with Keira LaShae.

A mixture of African beats and hip-hop music.

Keaira breaks down easy-to-follow moves to get your heart pumping, burning fat, and having fun while doing your cardio workout. ๐Ÿ™‚




Wednesday 28th morning workout – cardio kickboxing and toning

30 minutes of fat burning toning and kickboxing workout combines cardio conditioning with kickboxing moves. And toning the arms using light hand weights.

Every circuit has 2 rounds of kickboxing, 1 round of ย squat combinations, 1 strength round, and 1 cardio round. With 6 circuits in total, finishing off with a plank combo circuit.




Friday 23rd morning workout – German Volume Training

Tracy brings a 40 minute German Volume Training workout. Based on the concept of 10 rounds of exercises for 10 reps, as heavy as you can go.

Tracy mixes it up by super-setting different muscle groups in each circuit.

Yes, that means you end up doing 100 goblet squats, 100 deadlifts, 100 chest presses, 100 bent-over rows, 100 shoulder taps, and 100 bicycles.

To make this workout a bit easier, just go lighter with the weights.


Thursday 22nd morning workout – intense cardio HIIT

Tracy brings another No Repeats HIIT workout in 30 minutes. This workout is ideal for those that want to push their cardio endurance to the next level.

30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. This intense cardio workout will ramp up the fat burn for the entire day.

You have moves like the windmill, jump squats, variations on burpees, mountain climbers, downward jumps, broad jumps, plank to bear crawl, plus heaps more. And you get to try the new Gorilla Burpee ๐Ÿ™‚


Tuesday 20th afternoon workout – cardio and abs

Target your abs and increase your cardio endurance in this 50 minute cardio and abs HIIT workout.

Every circuit has 5 exercises done for 30 seconds, each cardio circuit done twice. Then bringing it down a bit with the 5 minute ab circuits, no repeat exercises.

You’ve got burpees, predator jacks, the dreaded tuck jumps and mountain climbers, windmills, plus heaps more.