Tuesday 31st Afternoon workout – full body bootcamp.

A fantastic bootcamp workout to target the shoulders, back, hamstrings and butt. Innovative moves to challenge the muscles, like the pendulum back fly.

45 second intervals, 4 exercises in each circuit, done 3 times before moving on to the next circuit.

Get ready to sweat, and to tone up for summer, or that special event. 🙂


Friday 20th Afternoon workout – Upper body weights and abs.

Grab your partner, a friend, or just do it by yourself; this weight training workout combines moves for two people to work out together. Or even better, get a group together to work out with.

This workout targets the chest, triceps, back, biceps and shoulders. The moves are performed for about 40 seconds each, switching between the upper body and abdominal exercises.

Training with friends or your partner is an effective way to motivate, and help you stay accountable to working out.

Wednesday 18th Morning Workout – AMRAP

AMRAP workout is an effective way to build strength. The set up is 2 exercises done for 5 minutes, going on to another set of 2 exercises for another 5 minutes, and so on.

Giving you time to master the moves, and build strength in the muscles targeted. Works the entire body, with an emphasis on abdominals.


Comment or message me if you have done any of the workouts posted, or if you’re wanting to see certain types of workouts.

Monday 16th Afternoon workout – Bob Harper Cardio and Weights Workout

Another workout to combine cardio and weights. Bob Harper brings the ‘burn’ to you again, with his whole body cardio and weight training workout.

Thankfully, Bob has given modifications to the moves, so whether you are a beginner or advanced, you can do this workout. 🙂

Combining cardio and weights gives an ultimate body burn.



Monday 16th morning workout – Upper body and Cardio

Starting this week with a combined workout of upper body weight exercises, and tabata cardio.

A great combo to start the week – 45 seconds intervals of weight exercises for the upper body. Then giving the upper body a break, you perform 4 sets of 20 seconds cardio exercises.

Begin your week on a high note, boosting the endorphins, and helping the body recover from the weekend 😉