The Spider Mushroom Quest by Dawn Narshallsay

Ivy, is the first character to be brought in, and an interesting one at that. Half goblin, she has unique abilities, but not been full goblin means she suffers more than what some may think.

The story had me captivated from the start. The creativity of this world and the characters within it clearly depict what it would be like. The author creating a relatable character.

The trappers described as humans, live separately from the goblins. No one can trespass. Anyone that dare will regret it.

Except Robin, a notorious goblin constantly trespassing, yet slipping out of the humans grasp.

As I got to know this character, it is quickly revealed that he is not the bad one in all if this, just misunderstood. But constantly in danger because of the reputation he has built.

The way the author describes the characters, it is very easy to connect to them, their struggles and what they are surrounded by.

Ivy is then forced by her grandmother  to undertake a quest to fully morph into a goblin, or be stuck between both worlds forever.

As more characters emerge into the plot, more events unfold, the complexities growing.

Ivy travels with Robin as her guide. But he has his own demons.

Ivy doesn’t know who to trust, compelled to keep going, but feeling her strength waning, and not knowing exactly who wants to stop her from reaching her quest.

It is somewhat of an unusual book. The creativity and the originality is impressive. However, it slows down, and coming to the end of the book, I felt it could have finished sooner.

The book has a sweet ending, with the temptation of more to come.

3/5 stars


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