Don’t Hate the Player, by Luke Harold review

Don’t Hate the Player, by Luke Harold

This was set to be an amusing and enlightened read, about the ‘game’ of being a pick up artist in Hollywood.
It was quite revealing the lengths men will go to, and the boot camps that are available for men to learn the perfect way of picking up a women; especially designed for those that are socially awkward around women.

Being a female, I thought the whole dating scene was hard, but it was interesting to see how we mere women can make a man so nervous.

You go behind the scenes to how it all started. The lines crossed, the surprising world of what some may describe as womaniser.
Clear descriptions are given about the characters, each having their own trade mark. The book slowly progresses, as Luke goes from a learner, to an apprentice for two men that have started up their own businesses to teach men how to pick up women. Living in the house with them, though, reveals a lot about these characters.

Although the story had some interesting quirks, because it is just about the day to day of pick up artistry, it can get a bit tedious.
Although some may men think they want to be at the top of the game, cracks begin to show, driving some to do some crazy things.

Friends become enemies, alliances are set, and everything changes for Luke.

It did drag towards the end, possibly better to be a shorter story. Although, this is a story based on the author’s experience, so he has gone into practically exact detail about what he went through when living in Hollywood.

3/5 stars.


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