A Gordian web by Guy Butler review

A Gordian web by Guy Butler

The start instantly intrigued me to read further. Starting with the talk of the Polish freedom fighters against the Nazi forces, one man in particular the Spider or Pajak was particularly instrumental in attacks against the Nazis, and de-stabilising the Russian control. Inevitably the Germans and Russians are quick to gather to bring him down.

The first chapter beginning in 1945. Relatively short chapters keep the novel at a brisk pace, keeping me on my toes and eager to uncover more.

Some may perceive certain elements to be tedious, however I think that it just adds to the plot, giving detail, and of course provides the backdrop of this perilous time.

Reading about these historical characters is provides clear insight to war times, and the people involved.

The characters that are quickly brought into the plot, their unique skills all add to the suspense, the excitement. The author really enables me to get a feel for the characters; all gathering for one cause – to rescue the infamous Spider.

The excitement builds as plans are put into action. While the Spider’s enemies are closing in, Russians trying desperately to kill him. Plenty of action and fighting result, tension builds, and characters amass in all directions.

The author goes into quite explicit detail, creating vivid pictures. The violence mentioned creates exciting scenes, but not over-burdened in violence.

The plot thickens as more elements are added. The subplot surrounding Hitler and preventing him from escaping along with another man that has great influence; and a conspiracy theory takes shape that I have never heard of before – certainly made me wonder…

The author takes you across the European countryside, adding characters along the way introducing new elements.

I also enjoy that some of the influential and expert characters are women, showing their pivotal part in the war. It is easy to get immersed.

A criticism I do have is that considering it’s wartime, I would have thought there would be more action. There are a lot of conversations and planning, although there are some exciting elements, I personally felt there should be more.

The ending did not disappoint, and certainly an interesting take on these Historical events and the conspiracy theories that surround them.

3 ½ stars

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Gordian-Web-Spider-Trilogy-Book-ebook/dp/B00GMQY6F6/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1409527925&sr=1-1&keywords=a+gordian+web+by+guy+butler

The Thirteenth Prophey by T Lucas Earle

An interesting start for the PI Burke and the short story that unveils. The prophets that seem to control things have hired Burke to find the prophet Defiance, only to discover that he was poisoned.

Set in a futuristic world, they are represented similar to robots, all made up of thirteen different components that come from the Prophets – Defiance, Care, Bliss etc.

Seems quite unusual, hard to get a grasp of what is going on and how things are termed. Everything about this novel speaks futuristic, quite fast-paced, the reader instantly gets chucked into the plot. Simple wording, gets straight to the point, no preamble, nothing fancy about it.

It is a very unique story line, although the characters are a mix of ‘Personalities’, they still feel real in some way. The story line easily pulls me in, because the author does a great job of conveying the plot it doesn’t have to be long to get the point across.

An interesting end to the book, unexpected and very fitting for the type of short story it was. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall turnout, and just goes to show how great short stories are.

4/5 stars.

Link: http://www.amazon.com/T.-Lucas-Earle/e/B00DT09PP4/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1



Dark Flame Rising by J A Pederson


The beginning starts off with Keegan, a blogger hacking into the Agency’s sensitive data. Her aim for her blog is to expose people that are corrupt and what they are doing behind closed doors.

Turtle Springs comes into play where Keegan was born and where her parents died; where sleeping demons lie, and secrets dormant could expose those to danger once again. Now after a long time Keegan and her grandmother Lavinia return to this place. The fire that occurred thirteen years ago still blazes in Lavinia’s mind, her desperate attempt to keep Keegan away, but something has brought her back.

Other characters are brought into the plot, adding different layers. Small snippets about past presidents and facts are quite informative at the bottom of the book, certainly interesting for those curious about history. Unfortunately there are a lot of tedious elements, which does build the character’s personalities, but too much information weighs it down, slowing down the plot.

The author quickly describes the characters, the looks, their quirks, what drives them.

Elements of magic come into play in order to divine things hidden in this small town, so many events masked behind this place in New Mexico.

There are some editing errors that could have improved things. It was slightly difficult to connect to the young character at times, fleeting moments where I found something, but as my personal preference leans towards adult characters, I did find it hard to really feel for these characters.

Each character contributes to the novel in a different way and the element of magic, guardians and the Wisdom are sure to excite those that like the fantasy world.

I do feel the novel is a bit too long, components in the novel probably don’t need to be there. Slow developments do take place, but it takes too long to get anywhere and the major climatic event wasn’t really worth the build-up. Perhaps enjoyable read for some, but a slow one for me.

2 ½ stars


Story Sprouts written by a variety of authors

Written in a short story or essay-type format by various authors in writing workshops, each author writes something they enjoy and then a story inspired by a photograph.
It begins to cover skills and writing exercises, useful for the would-be writer, or writers that want to improve on their skills, or gather inspiration for further writings, helps to bring focus to the writing process.
Each story gives the reader a glimpse of what the author is like, a taste of inspiration, of experience, of those that supported them, interweaving it all into their stories.
Throughout the book writers give their own tips and how they write, inspiration, about themselves, explaining their passion – quite insightful.
After quite a lot of pages, finally I got to some short stories. Although this may be useful information for other writers, very tedious for those that are not.
Once I got to the short stories, they moved at quite a good pace, a range of genres, style of writing and characters.
Some of the stories are not quite complete, the beginning, middle and end are not your typical ones, most have reasonable plots, but some need to have things added in order to be a complete short story; however, it may be fitting for the purposes of the workshop.
Most of the stories seem almost like a very short bedtime story, some only being a few paragraphs, inspirations forming from objects or bits and bobs. Quite unlike any collections of works I have read before.
Interesting and varied array of poetry complements the book. Basically any kind of writing one can think of doing it is put in the book. Anything that one could imagine, these writers find something to write about.
The range of writing forms is in essay form, flash fiction, picture book manuscript and poetry; allowing the writers to express themselves. Information about the workshops and how they went about doing this piece of writing end the sufficiently large book.
3/5 stars

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Story-Sprouts-CBW–Exercises-Anthology-ebook/dp/B00G2X3E52/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1407195689&sr=8-1&keywords=story+sprouts