Broken Allegiance by Mark Young

The descriptive beginning created vivid imagery; I could easily imagine where the characters were.

When a gang member is murdered, Tom Kagan, an expert in gangs is called in to investigate the case when an anonymous caller rang to report it. His long and turbulent history creates tension with some of his fellow officers; a sense of underlying tension can be felt. But his experience and keen eye is needed if they are to prevent a major gang war.

Another character is brought into the plot known as Ghost. His long history with the leader of the gang means he can still operate from jail sending out death orders, but he crosses the line, and the leader of the gang is soon after him. As Tom Kagan once again closes in, Tom is the Ghost’s next target.

This was fast becoming an addictive read as the book took me behind the prison bars into the prison walls where various illegal communications are taking place. While on the outside gang members have to prove their loyalty through murder, an in-depth look into their lives of these gang members, living on the edge one day to the next.

It is easy to get caught up in this underworld; the characters are clearly defined, relatable, and very easy to connect with – good and bad in their own way.

The action heats up as Mikio and his nephew have to hide in order to get away from the killers that obey orders from the inside, traitors are not to be tolerated.

Tom slowly discovers some facts and comes across the name Ghost, whom he is connected to in more ways than one.

But prison does not stop a vengeful man, causing all those that went against him to either flee or fight, or die. Especially Tom and his wife. But Tom’s enemies target him in many ways, hurting him by hurting others he cares for.

The story heats up all the more as different gang members reveal their agenda, nothing is sacred, and no one is safe. They begin to close in, and who knows will come out alive.

Tension builds and nearly explodes as everything rapidly comes together, and those that are dangerous quickly move, but others close in.

An exciting and satisfying end to a novel that is sure to excite readers.



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