Passion of an Angel by Suren Fant review

The captivating and thoughtfully descriptive words brought me closer to what would slowly unfold to a story of lust; both sexually and wanting more than what God would offer – the story of an angel that was never satisfied with what he had.

The unique story of an angle that witnessed the beginnings of earth. Somewhat cliché wording at times, but still sent an enjoyable message. A different portrayal of what most think an angel is.

The characters are a bit difficult to relate to. I felt a bit of a distance from them. They were created by the author not to have any feelings, which may explain the lack of connection or imagery I felt towards the characters. Because the characters would spark instant recognition with their names, it was a little bit easier to visualise them.

At times the descriptions do become repetitive, disturbing a natural flow to the scenes. Because of the location I had hoped for something more, unfortunately the story lagged a bit after the first few pages. Taking into account that it is a short story, I felt it should have speed up a bit to hasten the overall events. However, the length allowed the different characters to make their mark on the plot; therefore, setting it up for the next story.

Sexual scenes are created, but whether it be the setting, it still failed to establish a connection to anything that was happening. It would also improve with some editing to tidy it up a bit.

I have to admit the ending did rivet me, and created another take on the Adam and Eve story. It is hard to describe a story like this, but reveals how the selfish desires ruined the purity of what life could have been like.

3/5 stars



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