One dark Halloween night by John Kohlbrenner review


A dark and eerie start, fitting for a Halloween inspired story.


The place of Autumnville created was haunting, making me get the feeling that the jack ‘o’ lanterns were going to be a creepy theme.


The type of narration was interesting, almost like a big brother or parent would tell of a scary story, adding some exaggerated emphasis to make it scarier.


A bit more editing would also help to improve the overall writing flow.


As friends get closer to Halloween a blog focusing on disappearances that occur on Halloween gives them shivers. Jason is particularly intrigued.


It gets creepier when the professor Grimmgraves, the writer of this blog posts a video in their town, each town he had visited in the past disappearances occurred, sometimes whole villages.


A little bit too many repetitive descriptions go into the story about the characters, disturbing a more natural flow.


Unfortunately, although it’s supposed to be somewhat scary, it does fall a bit flat. Although kids might enjoy it. The characters are your typical sort of middle school characters, nothing particularly captivating about them, but all fit into the story well with their own individual characteristics.


I’m not quite sure if this is supposed to be a comedy story, or scary, but it seems like it’s a bit more on the humorous side. Great if that’s what the author was trying to achieve.


Jason then comes face-to-face with the Prince of Evil. For some reason Jason feels no fear, and only he can stop the Halloween monsters from killing everyone in town.


Together with his friends, there is a face-off against all the monsters you can possibly think of. With the quirky names and how the scene is set it is a bit difficult to take it too seriously. A fun story for kids to become immersed in. Children will probably enjoy the plot; and of course the wonderment and uniqueness of the possibility what if Halloween did come alive? What would you do?


An unusual ending to a somewhat unusual book. A mix of magic, evil and the devil. A lot of things happening all at once.


3/5 stars


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