Lifting the lid by Rob Johnson

Trevor and his dog begin a journey that will take him from bad to worse. Leaving his bitter mother, he goes on a road trip to find himself, except one false has many on his tail.


A small humorous scene is chucked in the beginning, with two men trying to move a drugged up man from the elevator.


Unbeknown to him, his bitter mother starts making murder allegations to the police. He ends up at a hotel where he accidently breaks a toilet lid. This small act sends him off to steal another one from another room, only to discover that something of value is hidden within the cistern.


A private investigator, Sandra, is hot on his tail when she discovers he took it. This small item takes Trevor on a trip to a festival only to be followed by more men, some may be good, and others may be bad. Trevor’s road trip only gets worse.


Each moment it gets crazier as more characters gather to track him down. The plot thickens as it would seem corrupt cops are hiding things about a past disappearance involving Trevor and his missing wife.


Trevor cannot catch a break. As the time goes, so does the things that keep adding up against him. An unusual package that seems innocent makes things the more bewildering.


Although the story is quite humorous in places, it does dwindle out a bit. The characters are numerous and multi-dimensional, but a little to much talking happens. I was itching for something more. So because there is quite a bit of dialogue it could have been shorter.


But then… the story develops in all sorts of ways. Characters begin to connect together. The action heats up as Trevor and Sandra get closer to unearthing a whole range of things. The author successfully puts a range of characters into the mix, yet still giving the characters their own voice.


If you persevere through some of the trivial stuff, you won’t regret it. The mix of people creates a laughable and enjoyable novel.


The ending is very fitting and puts a smile on your face.


3 ½ stars



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