The Seven year Laowai by Travis Lee

A true story based on Travis’ life when he worked as a teacher in china. Working with other foreign teachers whom their pasts gave them much but chose to go to china to teach based on various reasons. Some using their teaching positions to get what they want.

A colourful array of characters, some you may like, some you may dislike, but they all add to the experience.

It is quite sad and depressing at times. No one could truly comprehend what some of these women go through.

There are no chapters so the events run into each other, making it harder to distinguish the timeframe.

It certainly is an insight to the way some Chinese schools work. Not particularly eventful, and quite short.

The author writes about the different teachers that come into the school and leave. While at the same time the reader gets a little bit of insight into the main character’s life and his drinking problem that he constantly battles with.

Because it is quite short and more of a short biography than a novel, it is difficult to get fully immersed into the storyline. Based on the writings, it is hard to imagine what the place is like where he is. There are not many descriptions, so I felt a bit distant from the location that he was talking about.

Overall, an interesting novel for those that may one day consider doing a teaching experience overseas.

3/5 stars



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