Vaccination by Philip Tomasso

The start certainly got my attention; it wasn’t what I was expecting. Reading through the short chapters made it a fast paced novel. Instantly addicted at the start as people seemed to be infected with some sort of disease; turning out to be a vaccination gone wrong.

The reader is promptly chucked into the exciting plot as a person is bitten, while a woman crosses the street broken, scratched and bleeding, appearing dead.

This was hard to put down. It started off thrilling and only increased. Very little breaks as the mass of test subjects increases. The telephone lines connecting with the police and ambulance are flooded, and the main character has to tell friend from foe. Having to escape away from these zombie-like creatures as he and his girlfriend race to safe his kids from his ex and her husband who have also been infected.

Tension increases as more is revealed. A tad bit on the conspiracy side with the government trying to cover-up this monumental mistake; while on the other the ever-increasing zombies coming from all directions; some fast, some slow, all converging on them.

The characters are relatable; you are rooting for their escape. On the edge of my seat as the characters keep on having to escape one location after another without being attacked.

The characters now have to fight for survival, kill to live. No one knows the numbers. Some are slow; some are record fast, all seeking human blood and flesh to devour.

Excellently written, descriptive scenes of violence and death, but not overdone in the scheme of things. The author easily creates images; I could picture what I read. Feeling the desperation and the progression of the characters.

As I enjoy fast-paced novels, this one is right up my alley. It doesn’t stop. They have to be always on their guard, anything can attract the walking dead.

I would highly recommend this book for those that enjoy zombie-based thrillers, or anyone that enjoys a non-stop ride of suspense.

4 ½ stars


4 1/2 stars out of 5



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