Suddenly Came the Night by Miss P Miss Q

A bizarre start to this tale of addiction and intensely craving something to feel alive; in particular the drug D, which sends the character into a whole other world.


Admittedly it could do with quite a bit of editing to refine it. But I do like the style of writing, not necessarily for everyone, as it jumps around a bit. But the writing resembles a person’s thought process when they are on drugs; a little bit jumbled, but sees the world in a different light.


Quite a short novel, but I do struggle with getting anywhere with it. If I hadn’t read the blurb, I would have wondered what exactly was the point to this novelette. It was focused on one man and some of his experiences with people. Not a lot really happens, it is almost written like a thought diary. It is hard to connect with the main character, and everything seems so distant.


I can see that there is potential in this work, but I feel there needs to be more work to make this novel complete.


There are short chapters in which other characters are introduced. But throughout the entire book there was no climatic moment that really seals the deal for this book.


I do understand where the author is coming from, ramblings of an addict. But I feel a complete novel, or short story should have some sort of climatic moment where more is revealed and pulls you in. Unfortunately the story was lacking all those areas.


2 ½ stars



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