Suddenly Came the Night by Miss P Miss Q

A bizarre start to this tale of addiction and intensely craving something to feel alive; in particular the drug D, which sends the character into a whole other world.


Admittedly it could do with quite a bit of editing to refine it. But I do like the style of writing, not necessarily for everyone, as it jumps around a bit. But the writing resembles a person’s thought process when they are on drugs; a little bit jumbled, but sees the world in a different light.


Quite a short novel, but I do struggle with getting anywhere with it. If I hadn’t read the blurb, I would have wondered what exactly was the point to this novelette. It was focused on one man and some of his experiences with people. Not a lot really happens, it is almost written like a thought diary. It is hard to connect with the main character, and everything seems so distant.


I can see that there is potential in this work, but I feel there needs to be more work to make this novel complete.


There are short chapters in which other characters are introduced. But throughout the entire book there was no climatic moment that really seals the deal for this book.


I do understand where the author is coming from, ramblings of an addict. But I feel a complete novel, or short story should have some sort of climatic moment where more is revealed and pulls you in. Unfortunately the story was lacking all those areas.


2 ½ stars



Stones (Data) by Jacob Whaler

The author starts the chapter off with suspense, instantly chucking the reader into the plot. Ryzaard faces a dilemma for something incredibly valuable – a stone, willing to kill for it.


The reader is then taken to another time where you discover Matt, a man that has encountered an unusual object – a stone, in the distant future. A world made up of floating messages from jaxs instead of phones or ipads, and other creative devices.


The characters and plot are multi-dimensional. The characters have their own sense of voice. The author regularly takes the reader back to the main character’s past and how they got to where they are. Although there are some unexpected developments, the author gives the reader a clear idea to where the story is heading.


As you learn more about the characters you get a sense of what is driving them. Their ambitions, their experiences, emotions and weaknesses.


The author is very creative with the development of technology into the future. It is quite easy to get immersed into this completely different world.


This book makes for an addictive read, as the story takes you to Tokyo, where Matt took a job as a research assistant for an old friend of his dad’s. But Ryzaard and the others are hot on his trail, knowing what he has and the power that it yields. The stone causing him to have hellish visions, very real and descriptive beasts, and other dark forces trying to close in.


Another element is brought in, as Matt’s father Kent is on the track for revenge because of the death of his wife. His path brings him closer to the company responsible and why they did the things they did.


The more the plot progresses, the more immersed I become in this whole other world. There are quite a few subplots to the story which is what makes this story all the more fascinating and intriguing. The groups that live on the outskirts want to rid the world of the abomination of technology, fanatics that believe they will save the world.


Unfortunately, it is about a hundred pages too long. I struggled to keep focus closer to the end.  I felt it could have been shorter so I could be more invested in the outcome. Although the elements are interesting, there definitely was things that could have been done without to make it go a bit faster.


An explosive end to a complex tale. But of course it is not really the end, as this book is only the beginning.


4/5 stars



Desolation Run by James Synder


Quite a start. I instantly had a sense of the character and what has availed him. Creative writing enables the reader to quickly be immersed into the story.


An interesting tale of Oreny’s bid for freedom in his last days from prison. How he went about planning it. It does take awhile to get into the story though from there. The characters are enjoyable, but I felt it could do with a bit of speeding up to get to more exciting bits away from the prison.


But be prepared because this story does start off in prison, so there are some scenes that are described that are unpleasant. Cade, the prison officer is not a character that is likeable at all, and I did wish I didn’t read some of the parts in the novel. I personally feel those scenes could have been left out, as I read the rest of the novel I was on edge in case more scenes appeared, which they did.

Unfortunately I had to skip through some scenes.

There is quite a lot of swearing as well; although it should be said that it is probably similar to what is actually said and done in prison.


The prisoners seem to almost be made out to be the good guys, while the prison guards are the bad guys. Although I guess in reality it is probably true. Which is what I’m guessing the author is conveying, the bad side of prison that people tend not to think about. And the need for revenge.


The story moves at a more interesting pace as different locations are revealed in the outside world. Historically significant locations, and a broad range of characters that eventually interconnect with one another. These characters were enjoyable to read about.


The variety of characters liven up the story, getting intimate details of their inner thoughts, their past and what exactly brings them all together. I did have some difficulty connecting with the characters, some are easily forgettable, and some you want to forget.


At times I felt it could speed up, the details about the three men’s trip to unknown land and the money they seek.


Mistakes are made which brings the authorities closer to them.


The ending was quite dramatic and unexpected.


3/5 stars



The book of Beings by Liz Seach review

A fascinating and enticing start to the novel, a little insight to what is to come.

The author sets the scene for something being wrong with the main character, while a young man that seems non-assuming is forced into her life without warning, his unusual attention to her appears like he knows a lot more about what is wrong with her.


Very short chapters keep the novel moving quite quickly, but the exact plot of the novel is a bit slow. It takes awhile for it to get to the point, I was eager to see where it would lead. I would have preferred a bit more information so I would have a better idea of what is to come. It is good to get the unexpected, but I felt a stronger event should have occurred to let the reader know would have heightened the reading experience.


The male character, Elias, is probably the highlight of the novel; enticing and alluring. He livens up the plot with a bit of a back story. His unusual personality and how and why he is there is enjoyable to read. I especially enjoyed when the author narrated his side by writing his thought processes, making it easier to get a feel for him.


Quite an interesting aspect as this young girl is impregnated without her knowledge, thinking that she was a virgin; obviously there is some supernatural aspect coming into this. It seems the aim might be to get a human to bare a child… but with this book, one doesn’t know.


Although it can be viewed slow at times, for some reason I enjoyed it. Normally more of a thriller buff, this was something different. The characters slowly grow and are enjoyable to read. A romance that both are afraid to explore.


This sweet relationship where she is completely unaware of this person behind the scenes keeping an eye out for her and their unborn child.

The plot certainly grows as a man that lusts after the main character is pushed into the limelight and accused of a terrible act, pushing Elias to come forward to protect those that are accused.


The unusual storyline is surprisingly addictive. I want to know how this Elias is involved. How the monk is involved? Although it is a bit slow, I gradually got the gist of where it was going. It was a bit difficult at times to connect with the characters, but for me personally that was more about the age of the characters.


The storyline has a lot of elements; a bit of witchcraft, spells, teenage pregnancy with her hymen still intact, and some type of unusual twist that kept me reading to find out the ultimate reason behind it all.


Although I did quite enjoy the characters and the story, I do think that it went a bit too long. It was a fun read, but certainly some of it could have been cut just to tighten up the overall story.


An interesting and unexpected ending. It definitely leads on to another book. But because it is a series I think I would have liked the first book to contain a little more insight to what Elias is. I was left thinking, what exactly has happened?


3 ½ stars



Five Years (A Fire in Redbridge) by L. M. Langley review

The start had me intrigued. Scenes jumping to and fro as things moved quickly.

Casey, a young woman that lost a close friend, the death causing her to do some strange things, and forced to leave town. The town thinking she has lost the plot.


Alex, also changed by the death of a friend – Nate, questions all about his life, and seeks answers to his friend’s death.


Both believing Nate’s death was no accident from reading the journals Nate wrote in; lead them to an obsessive young woman.


Because the scenes jump to the present and back to the past, it can be quite confusing as there is no timeline letting the reader know how long it has been. You have to kind of guess what timeframe the characters are in.


Although the author does create a certain amount of suspense by going from past to present, it does take a long time for the story to actually get anywhere. The characters are an enjoyable and amusing read, but a bit more of a back story probably would have helped more for the reader to get a real feel for the characters.


There is a hint of a murder, and perhaps something criminal that the main characters are apart of. In parts it can be a bit slow, but in the main the author has created a certain amount of suspense. I still wanted to keep on reading to find out exactly what happens. I did have a fair idea of how it was going to end, but I was still interested to see how they got there in the end.


I do struggle to get a sense of what genre it is in. There is a bit of mystery, but mainly you know who has done it, it is more about two people that have an unlikely connection that are forced to do something they wouldn’t have imagined was possible.


The ending was slightly unexpected, a little bit less dramatic than previously thought.


There is quite a bit of course language.

 3/5 stars