People like us by Deng Zichao review

It is quite a basic start to the novel, yet a hint of something under the layers of normalcy. The style of writing to start a chapter off is also fascinating, causing me to want to dig further.


It is quite difficult to like the character at first, hard to determine what part he is going to play exactly. The start doesn’t give anything away, so of course you want to keep on reading to find out what is going on.


The story seems to be about a man collecting antiques for his company, stumbling upon an impressive collection in a church. But unfortunately for him, acquiring these antiques is not going to be easy, nor legal.


It is quite interesting how the author writes as though the main character is speaking directly to the reader. Asking the reader rhetorical questions, kind of stating or assuming what the reader is thinking. A different approach for the author to use. And makes it more personal, easier to engage with the story and the character.


Along the way the character stays with Estrade, a man that helps him get what he wants, while Estrade may not be living in a home that is his, but ‘borrowing’ someone else’s. And a charming woman Louise who may not appear as she seems, and is in an unhappy marriage. An intriguing mix. Little hints in the start of each chapter of what the chapter contains are also useful.


Very clean and precise writing. Interesting and amusing characters.

It is quite an interesting portrayal of a man crossing a line. His rendezvous with unique characters creates a humorous plot. The broad spectrum of characters enhanced the novels appeal. Making it a delightful read.


The story developed more than what I expected, so expect the unexpected. Murder, intrigue and lust. A delicious mix to keep you guessing where is it going next.


A great ending, almost finishing in a taunting manner.


4/5 stars


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