Dance with a Dead Princess by Deborah Hawkins review

The start had me. I was fascinated to see where this story was going to lead. And how these characters were intertwined with Diana, Princess of Wales.


The story becomes quite a fascinating read as Taylor, the female lawyer looking into Nicholas Carey (a duke) records to purchase land for a client. Her dislike turns to genuine care; but afraid her heart might be broken again.


Nicholas Carey is determined to find who is responsible for the death of Princess Diana. As Diana left proof of who is responsible for her death with someone she trusted, but was afraid to keep it in England in case it put other’s lives in danger.


The story takes another turn as Taylor reads the records of past dukes in the Carey family. Discovering a whole life back in the day of King Henry and the consequences that occur if a woman rejects him. Elizabeth had the eye of the king, but when her father and the king saw she was in love with someone else; an ancestor of Nicholas, they force her to marry someone else. But love prevails, and they thwart her husband and her father.


It is a sad love story, showing bitterness, jealousy and hatred. The history part is fascinating, and how the past influences the present. How rumours discredit someone without facts; a good moral there.

I found I could easily connect with the characters and their experiences. Loving someone when they don’t truly love you back would strike a nerve for many. It is easy to fall in love with the characters.


Excitement and tension build as a murder occurs, and Taylor must figure out what are lies and what are truths.


The conspiracy theories float around as more deaths occur; it is only a matter of time before the people come after Nicholas and Taylor.


As the theories unfold surrounding Diana’s death, secret societies and near death experiences; the story gets very exciting as the plot unfolds on many fronts, not just one. The plot and subplots connect to one another and increases the drama.


People may think the ideas are farfetched, but the author makes it believable, and deals very well with the idea that Princess Diana was murdered.


What I enjoyed most about this novel was the mixed genre – love story, conspiracy, mystery and thriller. What more could you want?


4/5 stars




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