The Diary of a Queen by Tarlin Saye review

A novel about a young Princess who has to become Queen after her father died. Throughout the novel Queen Aminah writes her thoughts in a diary. This allows the reader to know her inner feelings; explaining at times why she has to be ruthless and heartless.

I enjoy the way the author portrays each character; having their own voice in the chapters, so the reader can have in-depth knowledge of the characters. Eric, the headstrong King whose true love is destined to fail. Sofia, his wife, she doesn’t come from nobility so many do not respect her; her true love a loyal friend of the king. Preston, a servant that sees all, and is always by the king’s side.  And of course Queen Aminah; a love that occurs changes her entire life.

Throughout the novel, the Queen grows stronger as a character; having the king and some of his courtiers in her walls forces her hand. Treachery is revealed. She has to fight for her people, fight against the outside forces that wish to breach their walls.

But what Aminah could not have foreseen was the King having an effect on her. Although he is married, his intense passion towards the queen reveals another side of him. The author creates intense and passionate scenes of Eric and Aminah, the lust that cannot be acted upon. Becoming very addictive and easily imagined as the author creatively depicts these images enhancing the read.

Unrequited love between two friends can never be acted upon. Although the plot has interesting aspects, constantly progressing, bringing more details, unexpected revelations, and learning more about this obscure culture of escaped slaves that established their own kingdom; it is the characters that really make this novel. Four people each entangled in love.

Even though it is a historical novel, and typically they are long, this makes no exception. It is easy to fade in and out at times, purely because there is a lot of detail, especially when it comes to the characters. Fortunately with new revelations it does bring the reader’s attention back.

It was hard to put down closer to the end. The reader gets a feel for the characters. By the end you can relate to them, care about what happens to them. Ending might have been a little expected, but still an enjoyable ending. Maybe room for a continuation?

4/5 stars


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