The Sting by Mandy Brown review

A death triggers off a chain of events. An innocent woman that only wants to be friends may not be all that innocent. Something is off about this woman Delilah, Emma is drawn to her because of her friendship with her estranged dead mother. And wants to help this woman connect with her estranged daughter.


The characters are easy to connect with and understand.  Emma’s kindness and ignoring the warnings could be her undoing. The author gets straight to the point, progressing through the plot and the characters as you read more.


Throughout the novel, more is unveiled about the characters, their emotions, their actions. It was an enjoyable short read; the author does not cut short on the plot or characters, and doesn’t add to much detail, effectively creating a quick pace to the novel.


Turn of events reveal disturbing revelations. The ending is a bit sad, but makes you appreciate what you have and what you want to keep safe. A mother’s will to fight for her child, and how easy that can be lost.


3 ½ 5 stars





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