Life II by Scott Spotson review

An interesting start to the novel. A book, a book of time. A man that is clearly dissatisfied with his life. So what happens when an event occurs that turns things upside down?


A very fascinating read, Max, the main character uncovers a code that leads him to Athens Greece, and to Dr Time; an apprentice of the writer of the book.

What is fascinating is how Max could go back in history to see events such as Caesar’s assassination, and all aspects of Rome and back to the time of the dinosaurs.


The exciting possibility of travelling back in time; time to change one’s destiny. But when Max messes with destiny, he changes the very core of the world. Events that happened in his second life that didn’t occur in his first. Death and loss of cherished ones result from this change.


The problem with travelling back in time is that one remembers what the future holds and wants to try and avoid the bad that happens. Quite an interesting perspective the author gives to the reader, makes one think what one would do if they were given a second chance. Would it be better?


The consequences of changing the past will forever change Max, but maybe his first life wasn’t so bad. That maybe it was fate after all.


Although I felt the novel was a bit long, it did build up a timeline for this second life. A life that he sacrificed for his past. There are some deep emotions as the full reality sets in, and the author does well to portray the main character. The reader gets a real sense of the characters and the implications of their actions


An interesting insight to what one man does with his second chance.


A slightly sad ending, but an enjoyable book with relatable characters.


3/5 stars


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