The Dr Pepper Prophecies by Jennifer Gilby Roberts review

This novel starts off very humorous. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed out loud from a book. But I couldn’t help myself. The hysterics of Melanie, and her active imagination was incredibly funny. I couldn’t wait to read more.

The main character, Melanie, faces a break up where she has to pick herself up. Her interesting relationship with her childhood friend speaks that something more may come. I really like the main character, her somewhat fickleness is endearing.

The whole “When Harry met Sally” start was a bit of a giveaway, but a sweet path to leading to true love. The path that is filled with mistakes, heart break, laughs and crying.

The amusing escapades and lengths she goes to match-make her roommate, trying to forget her own emotions that are revealing themselves, unwanted feelings that are completely unexpected. Feelings she never saw coming.

This book is great for a good laugh, and a little insight to the difficulty of the single person, and precarious road to dating.

Although Melanie has good intentions, her intentions get others in trouble, and unveils revelations that she didn’t see coming. Principle being not to interfere with others’ lives; you don’t know why they are like that. Her awkwardness, clumsiness and bad luck is quite humorous and encouraging for those that think their life sucks. An amusing outlook to life.

A sweet and somewhat predictable ending, but enjoyable. Things tied up nice and neat, an delightful romantic comedy.


3 ½ /5 stars


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