The Twilight Swimmer by AC Kavich.

This novel begins with an unusual being in the water that may know more about a death. The young teenage girl, Brandi, experiences a loss resulting in tensions and an eating disorder.

An interesting figure emerges from a fire rescuing a girl. I usually prefer the main characters being adult, but the fragility of the girl is conveyed very well, with a mix of defiance.

The swimmer is a unique and creative character; the highlight to the novel. Created almost human, but with unusual features that keep him from exposing himself in public, literally. The comical image of him naked in front of a sixteen year-old girl, but innocent and naïve in his nakedness. The sadness, the loneliness reminds one of those out there that are so easily forgotten. Lost. Yet still have feelings, desperately needing companionship.

The closeness of Brandi and the Swimmer is riveting, and of course like many novels, there are those trying to stand in their way. But this strange creature may have more to hide.

Although I do enjoy certain parts of the novel, especially the interactions with the Swimmer, at times it skips back to the past without warning, which can be distracting.

Quite a surprising twist to the end, didn’t see it coming. A sweet but sad ending.

At times in the novel it had my interest, completely riveting, because of the complexity of the characters; while at other times I did struggle to keep focus. It would appear more suited to the teenage audience, but in parts there was maturity about the relationship of Brandi and the Swimmer.

Not usually a novel I would pick out and read, but the creativity of the Swimmer, and the detail that has been described for him, creates a detailed image of him. I could easily picture him as I read about him. Sometimes hard to do for some characters.

A light-hearted and sweet read.

3/5 stars

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