Victoria Carnahan and the Red Cloaks by Ramz Artso review

This novel is an interesting read and makes a good short story. A little bit of insight to the world of vampires, werewolves and shape-shifters; as Victoria attends a boarding school that houses a range of teenagers with ‘special talents’.

The author instantly captures the attention. No pretences, just straight into it. It’s very refreshing. Similar to the structure of a short story, it immediately creates an image of the main plot-line. Quickly introducing main characters, and moving quite fast through the middle and to the end without preamble.

The characters are unique in their own way, although in some ways resembling beloved characters like Harry Potter characters. With the same cute romance of two teenagers struggling against the forces that are after Victoria because of the wand she now possesses.

Death surrounds the wand, and Victoria must be protected by Aiden, a seventeen year old Watcher, as many evil Sorcerers vow take the wand and kill any that stand in their way.

An appealing read for teenagers, or those with a short attention span, quickly moving through events; or those wanting to immerse themselves in the creative world of witches and other creative creatures. I personally found it easy to read in record time.

The author has a creative imagination, mixed with certain aspects from other movies and books.

3 1/2 /5 stars



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