Nine Elms lane by Edward St. Boniface

An interesting start to an unusual story. Not quite sure if it is supposed to be comical, or serious in parts. I Feel like I’ve missed something that has already happened.

The author does have a way with words. How he vividly describes the scenes, and people, sometimes in an almost comical fashion, other times creating a morbid atmosphere. The author does achieve what every author wants… I wanted to keep reading to find out what on earth is going on.

It is difficult to tell between what is real and what is not, as the main character takes drugs, putting him in a hallucinating state. Unfortunately it takes awhile to get into the swing of things. Scenes are created, but no hint to the main event besides from a small snippet at the start. And even that I’m not sure what connection it is supposed to have.

With the long chapters, it jumps to and fro events, it would benefit from shorter chapters to flow better. It takes awhile to get a feel for the main character and what he is all about.

Some of the additional chapters shed some light of other characters that play a role. But still lacks insights that could be helpful. Although the author does explain the character’s past, it is lumped together. Hopefully getting more into the story, the excitement or tension will pick up, revealing all.

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