The End, My Friend by Kirby Wright review

Riveting was the first word to come to mind. The scene was exquisitely created, the anarchy that reigned. Governments unable to control. Major countries and figures destroyed; despair and injustice reigned. This was the beginning of the end. The terrifying reality of what could happen when doomsday arrives. I have to admit, the description hit home. Some of these things are already happening. A bit creepy.


The characters have guts, having to be ruthless to survive. Some using violence, taking off others. You can feel the desperation, but at first it can be a bit difficult to connect with the characters. Although it is quite refreshing to have the main character not be “tall, dark and handsome”. An average guy that has an inner violent tendency. I could feel going more into the story that he has a driving need for blood and violence. An almost overwhelming sense, even if the odds are not in his favour.


Excitement builds as strangers come, wrecking the peace, and bringing death. The sheer will power for people to survive is only established with violence. But it would seem that many use the events as an excuse to do whatever they want.


It has quite an interesting plot, as the two main characters travel across America to reach a safe place to live. Their travels causing them to encounter vicious bikers, a group of military men, a quick skirmish with fighting women, a religious encampment that has aggressive control over the people, and finally to a place where they might be able to find peace…almost.


Although it may seem slow at times, it does set the scene for how the characters set up life. You do get the feeling though the comfort will not last long. Tensions mount as the past comes back to haunt them.


The leading up to the final climax was a bit suspected. A little bit violent, so for those a bit skirmish beware, but it does speak of the times. Certain parts alluding to animal cruelty was a bit unpleasant.


Overall, quite a good read. The author suitably depicts the end times, and how it affects a couple and the people around them. By the end it is easier to feel a relationship with the characters.


3/5 stars





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